A Straight 31 Year Old Male’s Confession

I’m a straight, 31 year old male virgin and have never been in a relationship. I wish it was a lie.



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  1. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    well good for you .. nothing wrong with being a virgin ,… as far as relationships go maybe you just have not found the right one for yourself .. not to worry .. she is out there .. and lets hope that she is a virgin .. not everyone sleeps around .. I have many friends that are still pure and have the faith (waiting for their wedding night) and there is noting wrong with that .. only wrong if you are in the wrong crowds …you may see this response in the forth coming comments

  2. Jenna Bain Jenna Bain says:

    Sounds like you wish you were in a relationship and maybe not a virgin…. i say what are you waiting for. YOu have to put yourself out there in order to get what you want… Best of luck, Go get her/him..

  3. In the ‘ olden days ‘ you would be part of a majority population. Just feel great about yourself

    • Vanna Brule Vanna Brule says:

      Not for men. There has never really been a negative connotation towards male sexual activity. As long as it wasn’t with other males, depending on which olden days you’re talking about lol.

      It has pretty much always been ok for men to engage in sexual activity prior to marriage.

  4. That’s honestly amazing! Be proud of who you are! There is someone out there for everyone and when you find her…you’ll know it’s the right time! Congratulations for staying true to yourself! Any girl would be lucky to know that the guy she is with has been waiting just for her!!

    • I’m pretty sure the original poster hasn’t been saving himself for anyone, he would have loved to have had premarital sex already but hasn’t found a woman willing. If he “wishes it was a lie” its because he’s ashamed of this fact and would have changed it sooner if he could.

  5. Zoe Suvanto Zoe Suvanto says:

    I would feel so proud to say that!! But my side I was 15 and pregnant .

  6. Hey man, my brother is 23 and never even kissed a girl. Plus being a virgin isn’t a bad thing!

  7. Honestly if you tell woman that you’ll be laid in no time and have a date in no time

  8. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    If I was a virgin and never dated, probably will be in law school right now. Now I’m running trucks and becoming an electrician… Take it easy 🙂

    #1: One day found out she was pregnant with another man’s baby.
    #2: Decided she was in love with her ex still and moved across the country.

  9. Leen Monyror Leen Monyror says:

    That’s the problem with the world today. Everyone tells us that you need to lose it early. And you don’t. Just keep doing you. You’ll find someone and when you do it will be amazing.

  10. good luck and that is amazing you are still a virgin..especially in this day and age..wait for that special will find them/her/him

  11. There is nothing wrong with that.. When you meet the right girl she will appreciate it even more..

  12. Absolutely nothing wrong with that!

  13. Rob Dair Rob Dair says:

    Is shoutout edm the new confession page now?

  14. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    one of my kids is 24 and still a virgin , im super proud of her , and you should be proud too , someday the right girl will come along and make it all worth the wait .. and look at the comments , lots of ppl still virgins .. y’all should start a club

  15. Subb Woofer Subb Woofer says:

    No worries. Just as long as you are not stuck in the “friend zone” with someone it is fine. Live your life and you will find someone.

  16. Ur a fucking pussy


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