A Rant Toward Dog Walkers Not Picking Up After Their Dogs


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10 Responses

  1. It isn’t just poop that bothers me — it’s allowing the dog to pee on my pants and grass too.

  2. Totally agree … I think some people think that dog poop miraculously disappears when the snow melts (!!!) so they don’t need to pick it up when walking their dog. Disgusting. I pick up after mine every time we walk and it’s appalling how much is out there… yuck.

  3. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    we had to put up a sign on our yard as before never had dogs here . now we do and owners are just leaving it in our yard .. until we got the sign .. how sad is that

  4. disgusting, if you don’t have a bag at hand ask for one from another dogwalker, I always have plenty at hand

  5. And what is it with people when they USE a poop bag, they leave it on the street or boulevard? Sure it will eventually decompose, but not overnight!

  6. Nadia Frank Nadia Frank says:

    Ha. I lived on a corner lot and come spring the grass was covered in poo. We started picking it up but then realized we were fighting a loosing battle so we then raked it all into the center of the sidewalk and left it there. People got the message after that.

  7. I am one of those garbage picker uppers and I got say, theres a lot of poop out there

  8. I am a responsible dog owner with two dogs that can NOT go to an off leash area for different reasons. When walking them I take my time to pick up and dispose of my dogs waste. I do have to admit that on occasion I have run short on bags, or completely forgot, but I always go back and pick it up. I find it just as disgusting to have to walk by dog waste next to a path or sidewalk, or have dog waste on our lawn. We live in a condo complex and people always leave there dogs waste behind. They must think it’s not a big deal. Well I like my complex looking neat and tidy, so guess who chooses to pick it up. Sorry for my mini rant.

  9. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    The only way they’ll get the message is if you find out their address and report them to the City. They’ll get a warning the first time, and fined the second time.

  1. October 7, 2016

    […] DISGUSTING DOG WALKERS who don’t scoop their dogs’ poop – especially in the winter! DO THEY THINK IT’S GOING TO MELT IN THE SPRING, JUST LIKE THE SNOW?!! Please excuse the caps. MAJOR pet peeve. Gives the rest of us a bad name, as well. […]

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