Anxiety/Depression advice needed

Hi, I have a family member struggling with depression & anxiety. Not taking their prescribed meds because they make them feel sick. Not sleeping at night then sleeping all day, extreme mood swings, drinking too. Not able to work (currently unemployed) or care for their children alone anymore so their partner is trying to do all in their power to help but is at their wits end. I am looking for ways to get them help, or psychiatrist recommendations. Is there such a thing as therapists who do house calls cause this person will do anything to get out of all/any appointments or responsibilities. Thanks!

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16 Responses

  1. There’s a free drop in clinic at the U of A.

  2. I second the U of A

  3. Unfortunately you can give them all the options but if they not ready for help they won’t continue with treatment. Its like the cold saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.”

  4. Sad always but especially at this time of year. Staying on meds is a must, even if there has to be a change. God bless!

  5. Lisa Hoff Lisa Hoff says:

    Call the Edmonton Mental Health clinic at 780-342-7700. They can hopefully provide you with info on supports. University of Alberta clinic is good but call ahead to book appt if able.

  6. Suggest they take a half pill before bed, mine made me sick too so that’s what I did and it made a world of difference. PM if you need someone to chat with

  7. Katy Yorke Katy Yorke says:

    Someone mentioned half a pill. I’d like to second that. Get the side effects info for her. Go to her house with coffee or whatever, and chat with her . There nausea is temporary. Have her suck on peppermints. The nausea will pass. ♥️

  8. It’s really hard if they are refusing to get out of the house. If they are refusing to help themselves there’s not a lot anyone can do unfortunately. Being supportive is one thing for sure, any and all who are around this person. I do have another suggestion but am not willing to post it publicly, so if you’d like to talk more please message me.

  9. Have them have their doctor refer them to the Primary Care Network, they are absolutely amazing and free.

  10. Liz Sharma Liz Sharma says:

    PACT works as an adjunct to the Capital Health’s Crisis Response Team which operates a crisis line 24/7 to assist those suffering from a mental health crisis. The Team is used as needed on the circumstances of each case.

    The Crisis Response Team can be reached at 24/7 at (780) 342-7777.

  11. Jessica Ann Jessica Ann says:

    They have walk in at north gate mental health mon to fri till 430

  12. Perhaps therapy on the phone could be a first step?

  13. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    It sounds like they need different medication.

  14. Marney Green Marney Green says:

    U of A has a good physc. department. Many kinds of treatment options.

  15. Have they tried CBD Oil. It apparently has helped lots of people with anxiety, depression and lots of other problems.


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