Bed Bugs? Withheld Security Deposit? Late with the Rent?

Dealing with a difficult landlord? Frequent suite inspections? Bed bugs? Denied the return of your Security Deposit?

Let our experienced and professional agent help! or 780-298-8237.

(Admin: Someone’s been paying attention to recent Shoutout Edmonton submissions. 😉)

ANOTHER GREAT POST:  Heads up Pet Owners!


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8 Responses

  1. Karen Olson Karen Olson says:

    how much do ads cost on Shoutout Edmonton?

    • Never had a paid post. Don’t mind publishing local ads like this every once in a while, especially since we’ve had many posts of this regard lately. No harm no foul. Money would be nice though.

  2. Jacob Soares. I’ve read Many complaints with boardwalk on here. I know have been beating a dead horse with them as well. Keep this info.

  3. Tyler Warren Tyler Warren says:

    I didn’t follow this page to see Ads Shoutout Edmonton, what’s the deal?

    • Most don’t eat chocolate to gain weight either, or drive around just to waste gas. Besides, this wasn’t a paid ad or anything. They’ve been paying attention to the kinds of posts we’ve had lately, and responded. At least these kinds of posts aren’t consistent. Could be far worse.

    • Shoutout Edmonton , this is a great post

  4. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Zani you may wanna tag Hazen?


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