Can you see a regular doctor for tooth infection?

I have a tooth infection/absess and I can’t afford to see a dentist for a bit.

Can I go to my regular family dr to get medication for it?



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19 Responses

  1. Yes they will give you antibiotics to heal the abscess

  2. I’m sure you can get antibiotics for it but maybe also try where ever they do the schooling usually do it cheaper then an actual dentist

  3. The dentist can’t work on it until the infection is gone anyway so just go to a medicentre

  4. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    Yes, I’ve done it. Your doctor will give meds.

  5. Susan Csapo Susan Csapo says:

    Shine program they’re amazing..

  6. It depends on the doctor. I’ve had it where doctor will prescribe an antibiotic with no problem and others who’ve refused to touch it and sent me to a dentist. Try a medi-center and explain your situation to the doctor, you might get lucky.

  7. Ken Dearden Ken Dearden says:

    Ok I just went thru same situation where tooth was infected bad pain and every dentist I talked to wanted credit card and and dental coverage and huge amount for treatment. I highly recommend cornerstone dental in Fort saskatchewan it’s a little drive but super friendly and very curtious and got me fixed super cheap and was excellent

  8. Kayla Lee Kayla Lee says:

    Usually just give you a round of antibiotics and maybe something if you are in pain, refer over to your dentist essentially.

  9. Call emergency social services and they can maybe hook you up with some adult health benefits so you can see a dentist

  10. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Yes but you still have to get the tooth out.

  11. Tre Hack Tre Hack says:

    Get your ass to a doctor or even hospital. You can get really freaking sick if you dont take care of it asap. A dentist can’t do anything until the infection is dealt with!

  12. Kayla Jenny Kayla Jenny says:

    Go to the emergency

  13. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    I think you need antibiotics before a dentist can work on you so yes go ask

  14. A dentist is not likely able to do any work on your teeth until the infection is gone. Yes go to doc and get on antibiotics.


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