Car Busted, I didn’t Blow up!

This is my first submission and this happened 10 years ago, but I feel like I still need to give a shoutout now that a platform exists. I feel living in Edmonton, I don’t get to do many shoutouts.. but I need to at least thank this person for how much they helped me 10 years ago. I have severe anxiety and.. just wow.

My car broke down in a lane of a very populated road at 7am Monday during rush hour traffic! My car is really crappy, but has always been nice to me and broken down in parking lots.. not this morning, right in the LANE.

So I was leaving work as usual, turned left on some lights and BAM car just stopped, and everything locked up. Thank God I wasn’t hit from behind, because that could’ve happened. I immediately threw on my hazards and sat there trying to figure out what the hell was wrong while cars zoomed around me. That has always been my worst fear, stranded in everybody’s way, no cellphone, and no idea what to do.

My key was stuck in the ignition and it wouldn’t let me completely shut off the car or completely start it either. I ruled out the alternator and the transmission, so I was already out of ideas lol. With my anxiety as bad as it is, I didn’t really want to get out the car and try to flag down people. People didn’t even care, they didn’t even slow down going around me, and A LOT went around me. Two 18 wheelers even sped right past me.

So I sat there for a bit trying to get my key out, looking around my car, trying to make some plan.. I knew I had to contact my dad, because he’s the mechanic of the family and would tell me if he could fix it, or if it had to go to a shop. There was a DEAD cellphone in my glove compartment, no good. So I figured I’d have to get out and hike back to Wal Mart to call my dad. It was really all I could do right? What good was just sitting there with a dead car? But I didn’t really want to leave the car basically “on” with the key in the ignition. I put the car in neutral because I knew I needed to get it out the lane because I could be hit at anytime really. But I couldn’t push the car myself, and didn’t really even want to get out and have all those cars laugh at me try. So I tried rocking back and forth thinking “C’mon car.. just .. rollll………” No luck.


At that point I knew I had to go get to a phone or something, so I gathered up some stuff and got out of the car. Immediately smelled gas and noticed a truck had pulled over on the opposite side of the road, he was yelling at me that my car was spilling gas (because I had been trying to start it, stupid me). So I ran across the road to this strange guy in a truck and he was offering to help. He ran back over to my car and pushed my car out of the lane right into the middle of the road on a median. At that point another truck pulled over in front of my car and a guy got out wearing coveralls. Both of them got on their bellies and looked under my car. Turned out my fuel filter hose job was crap and either the hose fell off and burst and needed to be replaced/repaired. I’m so glad they told me what was wrong. They said they could fix it, but didn’t have the tools.

So the 2nd truck guy leaves, and the first guy asks if I need a ride anywhere. I say yeah, and I hop in his truck, and we leave my car behind. I tell ya, what a nice guy! No one else even cared, and here this guy was helping me out and giving me a ride. I was going in the opposite direction he was going too. He told me that he passed me once, and then U-turned down the road because he saw the gas spilling out, and knew if my car blew up or something he couldn’t live with himself.

He drove me to my mom’s work and said good luck and that was it. I know this was 10 years ago, but for a shy 20 year old like me at the time, it was amazing. If you’re out there, both of you, just know I appreciate it still. Shout Out.



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  1. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Have you ever heard of angels? Well he was one

  2. Awesome. Great guys There’s still some out there

  3. Of all the things that have an expiry date, saying thank you isn’t one of them.

  4. What a beautiful post! You know it’s never to late to say thank you. We all have guardian angels looking out for us. When that guy passed you your guardian angel likely whispered in his ear…what if her car blows up…so he turned around. I always think hen something nice happens to us it’s a reminder that there really are great people out there, so pay a good deed forward!


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