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Black Friday Deals

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up, does anyone know whether Apple Watches will go on sale as well? It’s the...


Mat Leave

To qualify for mat leave you must work a certain length of time…does this need to be with the SAME...


Christmas Cards

Im working on my Christmas cards and would like to send one this year to the 2 boys requesting cards...


Early Maternity leave

How does it work if you need to leave work earlier than expected due to medical reasons, while pregnant? Do...



My husband and I have a blended family. His child and my children have the same letter for their first...



My child’s father is currently still smoking crack, meth, etc.. and does not pay child support, he is also affiliated...


Laser lipo

I would like to have lipo on a trouble spot I can’t lose through diet/exercise. Wondering if anyone has had...

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