Child Abuse Civil Case

Does anyone know of a lawyer who does probono cases for adult children of an abuser for assault, sexual touching and extreme psychological trauma , black mailing one of the childrens sexual abusers rather than going to the police, failing to protect a child from sexual I abuse, strangling and being beaten by their spouse and making child pornography. The list goes on.

We cannot afford to pay up front, but do believe we have a case and she has money. We know how the criminal justice system works so we will not be pursuing that Avenue sadly. One child that was abused was in the care of the care of the ministry of social services at the group home this person ran, yet the ministry chose to sweep the sexual abuse under the rug rather than bring the case to the police and have this person charged. That adult child died from addiction I believe.

We have suffered in so many ways and just want to seek justice how ever way we can. If there is anyone who can help us. Our one witness is aging and we want to do this before he cant help us any longer. Thank you



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  1. MrWonderful says:

    I think you in it for the financial aspect; which means you are also a piece of shit who has no or little regard for children. In civil court, anything you allege you must also prove, even on a balance of probabilities; so you must have sound evidence for you case? You refuse to cooperate with the police who can investigate with the evidence and allegations you can provide to the police and eventually the crown? You will probably not even find a lawyer willing to take your case until you proceed criminally; if this person is convicted, any civil claim proceeding afterwards, will make use of the evidence provided in criminal court and result in judgement in favour of “yourself” (the child).

    If you really seek justice and not a financial windfall, why not pay for services from the underground which would have the child predators dismembered? Just a thought, if actually seek justice and not financial security.

  2. Wish I could help but dont have a clue

  3. First, please have concrete proof. Second, no one would take this on probono. Pro-bono is when the lawyers take a cut of damages awarded. The damages would not be awarded to you but the actual victim.
    If the abuse is so horrible why wouldn’t you take it to the criminal justice system? You’re making it seem like the abuse didn’t matter and you just want cash. Legally, any lawyer would have to turn this into the criminal courts.


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