If you have completed an international adoption, we would love some advice

Hello Everyone!

My husband and I would like to adopt a child from his home country of Ukraine.

Does anyone have any experience with adopting internationally?

What fees were associated? What country did you adopt from? Did you hire a lawyer? Adoption agency? Which one did you use? Any big surprises? How long did you have to spend over seas? Did both you and your partner go? How did you pay for your home back home while you were gone? Were you able to get a leave of absence from work? Was your family supportive? What was your biggest obstacle in international adopting? Where did you get documents translated? How much did it cost you? What was your home study like? How long did you have to wait? How did you find a child? Did the agency find a child for you? Recommendations for an agency or lawyer? Do they do a credit check? (I had a bankruptcy years ago, but have since sorted my life out).

Would love especially to hear from anyone who may have adopted specifically from Ukraine 🙂 I know a lot of the material I have found in my reading says the adoption agencies are concerned about culture shock for the child, in our case the child will be 100% OK. My husband was born and raised there, and we both speak Ukrainian, and will be able to give the child a familiar atmosphere with familiar foods/music/tv etc….


Please Note – I do not need to hear information/stories from Canadian adoptions. The process is entirely different.



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  1. Adopt a child from Canada. There are so many who need a family.

    • Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

      Seriously? ALL children deserve a home.

    • True. But there are so many children here in Canada that need a home. There is no need to go to another country to find a child who needs love and a home when there are thousands here in this country waiting for love and a home. There are well over 500 children in Alberta alone who are waiting for adoptive families and the number continues to grow. What is wrong with helping a child right here in alberta? Why the need to go to another country?

    • Derek Walsh Derek Walsh says:

      ALL children deserve a home but Canadians should be first priority not Ukrainians Jaime Sharon


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