Concern About People Being on Their Cellphones While Driving

Guys, for real, get off the phone when you’re driving. Enough is friggin enough. Walking my son to karate we were stopped and waiting at marked crosswalk and one car stopped and as we were halfway through BillyJoe PhoneGabber just went right through. I had a 6 year old with me he’s lucky I was paying attention. THEN on the way home, same crosswalk we had to wait and wait while people just drove through and I saw some on their phones. I am getting tired of this it’s a residential area and schools scattered throughout. If it’s this bad in the evening God help those little guys walking to school in the mornings. Seriously guys is your conversation or text worth a life? I feel like this has all been said before but clearly no one is getting it.

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10 Responses

  1. Unfortunately no one will ever get it.
    I see it every single day…
    The roads are a dangerous place.

  2. yup i just send my dash cam video in to the police with thier plate number…

  3. Anonymous says:

    My daughter almost got hit by a car on a sidewalk twice in the last year! The last time was a company vehicle and the guy didn’t even apologize when I yelled at him and age would’ve been hit if she didn’t jump on the grass. Drivers really need to pay more attention

  4. Where do you get dash cams? Wouldn’t mind getting one myself :/

  5. It’s a daily occurance for us. I’ve seen people stop too fast as well for us and get rear ended. Not gonna lie…. I’ve stood there, Pointed and laughed at them.


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