Confession: Crush on a Shoutout Edmonton Member; Mike Hanna

That Mike Hanna guy that comments on here is way too attractive. I get distracted every time I see his name come up.



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  1. Hahaha this was written by mike

  2. Mike Hanna Mike Hanna says:

    Caleb, I don’t like to draw attention to myself on a non intelligent platform. Odd how that’s the first conclusion you jump to, while the only post on your personal wall(visible to non friends) is claiming that you don’t need negativity in your life, but you bring it here.
    I didn’t write this, and I don’t mind that you think so. But make better decisions when trying to embarrass someone, as people can pick you apart pretty quickly. Positivity begins with yourself, not your Facebook wall, and definitely not with your comment.
    Besides, you seem to have enough free time to have written this.

  3. Misty Lewis Misty Lewis says:

    This is nothing new. Bitches love mike Mike Hanna. It’s a good thing he took some time off fb for awhile Cuz I was sick of Screening these ppl for him. Looks like we’re back in business tho. And it begins !

  4. Why do people automatically think that when there’s a NICE post about a specific person, that that person wrote it themself? Why can’t people just say nice sweet things about others without having a fb beatdown? Mike, keep that positivity out in the open, we need more of that.

  5. Oh Mike, back at er… we go…think you need to make another trip down here so Misty and I can keep the crazies at bay…we got your back 😉

  6. Mike Hanna Mike Hanna says:

    Dear OP. I appreciate the compliment, that’s very nice of you. Trust me, my pictures are a combination of hours of photoshopping, filters, angles and poor lighting. I actually look like Shrek, not to mention how bad I smell.

  7. Kim Downs Kim Downs says:

    So why are the women being bitches??? It’s a nice compliment why assume the OP means anything other than she finds him attractive??

  8. Kim Downs Kim Downs says:

    Bitches be jealous haha

  9. Tara Beaton Tara Beaton says:

    This post made my day:)

  10. Ewan Sweeny Ewan Sweeny says:

    Oh Mike you’re so sexy…. Give the public what they want. Lol


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