Era of Cell Phone Zombies

More and more I see people walking looking down at their mobile devices instead of paying attention to their surroundings. Its the same with people driving and on bicycles.

The other day I had a woman looking at her mobile phone just about walk into me if I did not move out of the way. She had some nerve to tell me to pay attention. I am not the one walking and looking at my phone and not paying attention. I keep my mobile phone in my bag.

If I need to make call or have to look at it I make sure I am not in someones way. Even in businesses I see employees have to look at the phones. At my place of work there is a zero tolerance to having mobile phones out. It is an issue. Only managers can use their cell phones at work that is in case of an emergency.

People sneaking out there phone to text or look at their social media apps. What is so important that people are glued to their mobile devices that it can not wait till after work or they get home. Its the same with people walking glued to their phones while walking.

You see videos of people walking into things or just about being hit by cars because they are on their mobile devices. Or drivers distracted on their mobile devices just about causing accidents. Pay attention people!!!



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  1. So true. No person-to-person contact any more. The WORST is when I see parents with their kids at McDonalds & they are both on their phones & not inter-relating with their children at all.

  2. Lol I let them walk into me…..everytime.

  3. I’m going to venture a guess OP is in the 45+ crew

  4. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Try walking with a cane they expect handicapped people to move around them. Ive seen people literary get mad at people with white canes for not moving around them. No manners anymore.

  5. I run into this all the time in the grocery stores….people standing texting or on their phone….blocking the aisle…or standing right in front of items you want to look at. Then you politely say excuse me…if they hear or acknowledge you at all it is to give you a dirty look and sigh.

  6. Throat punch her. Problem solved.

  7. Anyone runs into me while looking at their phone is gonna be planted on
    Their asses

  8. Welcome to the modern world society. Are you new to this part of the world?
    Welcome to a land way more fucked up than you came from.

  9. Seen people at Oliver pool today with their phones too! Live life folks! You only get one of them. And your phone… doesn’t get to go with you

  10. First world problems…..

    People are drowning from floods you guys are pissing your pants about people using their cellphones.

  11. Its called an addiction. We’re in too deep now
    ..internet has everything


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