Faith Restored in Humanity

Yesterday, I truly had a disheartening day. I don’t want to get into it but I was scammed a lot of money. It broke my heart someone would take advantage of someone who’s already going through so much. I instantly lost my faith in humanity, until this morning that is when I was at the west end cop shop and a little 1 year old boy wanted to see Satin. So I picked Satin up to let him pet her and the way this child’s eyes lit up and the smile that came across his face is truly an image I will NEVER forget. He had so much excitement in him, his little face turned red. As I was leaving I said thank you to him for being gentle and petting Satin and he looked at me, kissed his hand, blew it at me and yelled MWAAAAAH! We then went in for a hug. Everyone in the police station was awwwwwing, the father had a smile and said wow, someone must have slept well to give me, a stranger all this love. One lady yelled out, now that is one of life’s precious moments. The entire waiting room, police officers included, looked at one another and smiled as we had all just witnessed someone sharing unconditional love. Faith restored.

Thank you to the father for raising such a gentleman. Thank you to the police officers that had my back. Thank you to innocent bystanders who took a moment out of their day to share a special moment with me. But most of all, thank you to this little man for bringing so much love and joy into my life in just seconds. I feel blessed to have met you.



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  1. I rarely comment on these posts when I see them but this touched my <3!! I have a 3.5yr old son whom I'm trying to raise as a single mom in this manner as well. Such a touching moment. Props to the Father on raising his son right!


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