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I went through a separation, during the separation there was a court battle for child custody and child support.

With all that I ran myself into credit card debt. My minimum payments right now are $300 which I can’t make as of right now. I have a mortgage, car payments, child care, cable internet, cell phone bill, house insurance, car insurance, property taxes, and then living expenses, gas, food etc. Im also in the process of selling the house because I can’t afford it. I’m also in the process of cancelling my gym membership and cable plus trying to find cheaper insurance. I have an alright job and probably make $50,000 or so a year. This is my first time in this situation and I honestly don’t know what my options are, I tried to get my CC turned into a loan but I didn’t qualify. I have my job I get a bit for child tax benefits but that goes to RESP’s for my kids and daycare. My ex only pays child support when he feels like it so he’s not a reliable source of money…..I just need guidance on what some people may have done, please don’t judge, lawyers are expensive when enduring court battles, so at least she’s paid off :-/ we were never married so no spousal support either.

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Thanks to everyone who can help, please be nice, I’m already down, thanks again.



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