Gay dating (bigger men)

***PLEASE no hompbohic/rude/negative comments***

I’m a mid 20s gay man having trouble dating in this city. I do not belong to the stereotype of gay men and my friends make fun of me. Why? Because I like bigger men. (BBW but men)

I am not a bigger man but would like to date bigger men. I feel like because I don’t like the stereotypical Zack Efron type gay men I will be alone forever.

It’s not fare the gay community discriminates against me for who I like as society already hates gay men. I don’t understand why gay men hate on gay men who don’t fit the stereteotpe. My question is where can I meet this type of man? Online has a lot of cat fish. Grindr and Grommr the same.

Please help!



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  1. Good for you for reaching out! No one should ever judge you for being you, nor should it be something you have to be concerned about. Pls pm me.

  2. Dan Daniro Dan Daniro says:

    Gay community hates gay people?
    Sue them and you get…. a shit load of money?

  3. Annie Koziar Annie Koziar says:

    Just be yourself, you will meet a very good one.

  4. This post just confirms that mean spirited people hide in every corner of this planet. Put that aside. You belong to a very unique group And when you find it I believe you ll be very happy. Best of luck

  5. Best place for you to go to meet new people is Pride Centre Edmonton.

  6. Have you tried the social group Fruitloop YEG? Super fun events, parties, etc. Good Luck!

  7. Karla Mackay Karla Mackay says:

    We need to be friends. I make a great wing woman. Message me

  8. Im not positive but i know people in that community. Im pretty sure thats a niche. Your not alone its not uncommon. Get out there and good luck

  9. Josh Neary Josh Neary says:

    Now I may not be the one who’s advise is the one to take. But shouldn’t the personality and other attributes than physical size or image or whatever. I mean I think you’ll be happier if you find someone you connect with an a mental level as opposed to physical.

    • I find that the toned gay man has a type of personality that is not so down to earth. (Just based on my experiences). This guy sounds like he probably blends in a bit more…which makes it harder anyways because it’s harder for other gay men to spot him.

      This might sound weird, but this applies to all sexualities. A lot of trim people don’t have the greatest personalities. (Not all of them! Of course there are good and bad personalities in all kinds of packages).

    • (I agree that love interest should definitely be based primarily on personality and compatibility)

  10. Jason Kornik Jason Kornik says:

    You will find love where you least expect it. Be yourself, have fun 🙂


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