Gift Ideas Thread!

Hi! So I was thinking we could all post some uncommon gift ideas for all ages. People like me suck at thinking of stuff but I’ve seen some of you with amazing creative ideas! Let’s exchange Ideas!

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16 Responses

  1. Linda Riley Linda Riley says:

    Pm me for details. Minimum you and 4 friends. It’s a blast and you get 5 meals for 4 and you take it home in New Tupperware.

    • Linda Riley Linda Riley says:

      Tis the season and if you want to discuss learning to make Ukrainian goodies… that is a possibility. Or we can just do Ukrainian goodies. .. thoughts?

  2. And here we go with the MLM business spamming!

  3. Tracy Silva Tracy Silva says:

    I got the kids personalized hooded towels from Sewing Creations by K

  4. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    I love to give themed gift baskets and board games

  5. I like to try finding unusual ways to wrap the gifts. For instance, I wrapped a sweater inside a (cleaned) 2 litre pop bottle. It was a lot of fun watching the giftee trying to figure out how to get the sweater out!!

  6. I got pictures made for my son and nephew of their favourite super heroes from Kirby’s art creations.

  7. For cool and unusual stocking stuffers we go to the Space Science Centre. Gifts too!!

  8. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    give a gift of Supper Club. (there are a few in Edmonton)…or what about a gift of cooking lessons (places in edmonton too) or give a Chef’s Plate gift cert.; etc.

  9. Gift certificate from Capitol Raceway to test drive a stock car went over well. So did this personalized bottle of Crown Royal.

  10. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    Man Bouquet was a huge hit at my house! Hubby loved it!

  11. Heather Lee Heather Lee says:

    I make pinata Christmas tree balls for the tree wrapped pretty, and the teens crack them open, usually put gift cards and candy inside. For older family I go with consumables (they don’t need anything more to dust) so movie passes with appetizers out at a restaurant they like to go to after the movie, gift certs for dad’s favorite sausage place etc.

  12. Tina Jarvis Tina Jarvis says:

    I make all my gifts and give them away from hats, scarves, dish cloths, scrubbies, Afghans and many more.


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