Im confused

Im confused.

When i was getting my dricers licese in Ontario, i was taught and it was stresses to use the on ramp to speed up to the posted speed or the speed of traffic to merge safely.

When i took my highway design courses for my engineering degree i was taught that the highway on ramps were long enough and down hill to assist the driver enough room to speed up to the posted speed limit or the speed of traffic to merge safely.

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Which is also why off ramps r usually up hill, to assist the driver in reducing speed among other reasons ofcourse.

Only in edmonton have i ever seen this many driver merge well under the speed limit/speed of traffic, then speed up. Or slow down to 80/70 before they even switch to the off ramp.


Is this not a thing in alberta or do people just not understand how to drive here?



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2 Responses

  1. If you’re talking about the henday some of those off ramps have tight turns it’s best to slow down before you approach it. But yes merge to the speed and keep up with traffic.

  2. Rocky says:

    When I took driving ed at AMA, they also stressed that you need to speed up to the flow of traffic and merge then. I even remember a question on the test surrounding this. I think most people here do it properly, but I’ve seen people slow down (and some slam on their brakes) as well. A big part of the issue is that a lot of people already on the freeway tend to hog the merge lane, not considering that the people merging might need the room.


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