Is there anything I can do?

HI, I moved here four years ago. I have four children, two that are with me and two that are back home finishing high school and university, They stay with my mother.

Earlier this year I asked if anyone knew of a place you couild pay out airline tickets online. I got a few suggestions and followed up on them. I had an older lady offer to let me use her airmiles if I would pay $1500 to use them. which thinking it was legit and she was a nice person I agreed too. I know not smart. I was just desperate to get home for christmas as I haven’t been with all my kids for christmas in four years. I paid my last $500 a few days ago and as soon as she accepted the emt I was blocked and deleted.

I don’t know what to do now, I know I am not getting home for christmas anymore, but I don’t know if there is anything I can do to recover my money.

Any information on what I could do would be great. Thanks. Yes I know how stupid I was to agree to this please don’t remind me, I feel bad enough.



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  1. Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

    Contact police. Blast her name everywhere. what an asshole.

  2. Kristy Hedin Kristy Hedin says:

    Theft is theft – call police

  3. Through the EMT info your bank has, perhaps the police can find her?

  4. Whoa, so low. Sorry you were taken advantage of.

  5. Also, have you spoken to your bank? You should speak to the manager face to face.

  6. Tom Joseph Tom Joseph says:

    Might be able to help you, send me a DM

  7. Can you update with where you were supposed to be going?

  8. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    Come ON how do ppl keep getting caught like this!!!

  9. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    too bad that the payments were not made in person as well then you would know where she lived .. sorry this happened to you .. crappy .. people … and got the ticket purchased in your name after your first deposit was made .. that is just awful

  10. Can your bank not reverse them? If they reverse them then the lady ends up with an nsf charge and contact the police for fraud.


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