Iso car inspection


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  1. Good news auto did mine 169

  2. Alberta Auto inspection780-988-2426. They come right out to you and I think it cost us under 100 bucks

  3. I did my out of province inspection in 2014 with Cantrust Auto Repair. It was $120, and they were honest about what had to be repaired on my 2001 CRV right away and what could wait till later.

  4. If it’s just for insurance purposes because your car is older you do not have to take it to a garage. If you know someone who is a mechanic the can do it for you. That is per my insurance company. I had mine done in December.

  5. Evolution AutoTech Inc.

  6. Ali C-f Ali C-f says:

    Caliber Automotive is amazing!
    16625 111 Ave is the address and the phone #780-452-7676. I won’t take my vehicles anywhere else.

  7. 7EIGHTY Auto on Airport Rd near Kingsway did mine for really cheap last year . Under$130… But it wasn’t an out of province

  8. Lana Almaeva Lana Almaeva says:

    Well it depends on your car and the type of inspection you need.

    For example if you need a compression test done on a Subaru it’s going to cost you way more because of the amount of time it takes to tilt the engine.

    Out of province or commercial inspection will cost more than pre purchase inspection. There are more point checks on them. So more labour.

    Mechanics who come to you can’t really do out of province inspection, you have to have a shop certified for that, not just a mechanic. To be certified for out province inspection shop needs certain equipment present, including an alignment rack, which you can’t take with you.


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