Let’s Vote For Our Shoutout Founder!

Hi Everyone! So, you are sitting there, reading this, on Shoutout Edmonton. This whole medium for ranting, raving, positive reviews, negative reviews and so on was made possible by the very humble, Jody Mitoma. I work for him on one of his endeavors to tirelessly help find missing children/teens/adults/elderly and Amber Alerts. I only have 2 divisions and it can be daunting. He over sees 80+ globally. He is always positive and very motivating. What he does is completely unselfish.

Well, I am here to ask a big favor of you all. Search For Goodness (Post.. they make cereals) has a contest on. ( The most votes win a large cash amount and I can assure you, this young man WILL NOT use the money for selfish purposes. He will take every penny to make more websites that benefit YOU. He has a new Report coming soon called Alberta Aware Report. He will be reporting on things considered to be high risk to the people of Alberta. I have no doubt he will branch out some day!! Anyways, please take 30 seconds of your day and vote for him! You will need to type in “Jody” in the search option as he was one of the first nominees and is waaaaay down at the bottom of the list. Thank you, thank you so so much



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  1. Jennye Blain Jennye Blain says:

    If anyone deserves it, it’s Jody Mitoma! In all my life I’ve never seen anyone work so hard for any society as he does for us, not only in Edmonton, but around the world!
    Jody for PM!

  2. Kat Story Kat Story says:

    Voted…..How often can we vote?

  3. Best of luck! Stiff competition with some having over 23, 000 votes!

  4. Voted!! And shared

  5. I have been voting every day for Jody since he was nominated! If anyone deserves this it is Jody. He is such a selfless human always wanting to do good for people in general!❤

  6. I know exactly who sent this in, and I just want to thank you very much for doing it!!!! ^_^ <3 😀

  7. Also, thank each and every one of you who voted for me!! <3

  8. Angie Dery Angie Dery says:

    Done! Good luck and all the best

  9. Is he the one that did the Tim Hortons cups?

  10. Katy Yorke Katy Yorke says:

    Let’s keep up the awesome votes!! 30 seconds, people! You are so so appreciated <3

  11. MrWonderful says:

    I have one criticism of Jody and shoutout: not publicizing any of my posts, but i can comment on other’s posts.
    I understand it’s a business so to speak and probably saves Jody from a bunch of habitual complainers who like to complain about anyone who does not share their Alice in wonderland perceptions and ‘knowledge’.


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