Lillian Osborne High School-Pride Flag

I just wanted to send a shoutout to Lillian Osborne High School for doing the proper thing and raising a pride flag while NOT defacing or removing the Canadian flag.

If this was done the right way from the beginning all of this mess could have been avoided. There was alot of pressure on them from one individual (*****) to once again raise a defaced flag in lieu of Canada’s. Surely she felt like some form of keyboard superhero.

I am glad they did the right thing and didn’t allow her post’s to deter them. There is a way to ensure everyone is represented without violating our national flag. This is why when the flag was raised on parliament hill it was on a separate pole and did not replace or deface our countries flag. The government of Canada has protocols to follow which may not be law but are common sense and it is very sad they were not followed. Shameful actually, especially for a public school. Defacing the Canadian flag and removing it was offensive to the majority of Canadians and many LBGTQ members agreed.

ANOTHER GREAT POST:  Shoutout - What an Amazing Lady!

Anyone who doesn’t see anything wrong with such an act is just playing vicitm and/or looking for attention. ***** once again comes to mind, as is evident but her continuous public Facebook posts.



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