Long lost friend

I met a friend back in about 2007. We grew very close talked over the phone every single day. Just about life and pretty much nothing !!!

When it came to 2009 I found a boy friend and I knew this friend didn’t wanna be With me So I moved on. Well a lot has happen since last time I talked to him. I would love to find him again and just chit chat about life. Married two kids a dog !!!

ANOTHER GREAT POST:  Where did lucy from capilano hair go?

His first initial S. last Rundle please if you see this or know this man leave a comment. Btw tall handsome tattoos.

Last I known he dog named bandit 🙁



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5 Responses

  1. Lisa Hall Lisa Hall says:

    Let me just hope that you’re not aiming to visit this handsome friend without including your husband.
    Please examine your motives. Then be careful because the path to adultery is slippery and you’ll lament later on that it just happened! No, it starts with this.
    That’s just the mom in me, trying to give you good advice you may never heed.

  2. Ah yes… “Friends” …careful

  3. Yikes friendly chat about life, whats missing, a comforting arm around your shoulder and ……….dam.

  4. Seriously.. your about to lite your entire life on fire. Posting this anonymously so you don’t get caught? Mooooove the fuck on what makes you think he wants to even be found by you


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