Looking for baby daddy

Hello. Please no judgment. I am looking for my son’s father. My son is 10 months old and is having health concerns.

About a year and half ago I was testing the waters of tinder. I met with a guy named Ryan. I never got his last name but on Facebook he went by ‘Ryan James’ he lived never jasper place bus depot. We had a one night deal. Then he vanished.

I need to find out any family health issues. I don’t want you to step up and be a father we are doing well with out. Just please help me help my baby.



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  1. Oh no I hope you find him maybe check tinder and pof

  2. Jenn Samantha-Marie sounds like Ryan chang or whatever his last name was lol

  3. on facebook I found a few Ryan James, any other info? physical description, age, what he does for work, was he originally from Edmonton?

  4. Cathy Stuart Cathy Stuart says:

    It’s nice you stayed anonymous but you through his name out there!!!

  5. Do you not still have his info on your texts or hook up account? I hope you realize that by posting this here you could potentially cause this man and his family a lot of issues. I understand you don’t want him to step up to the plate so to speak but have you considered that you have put his info out here for all to see while hiding behind an anonymous post. What if he comes forward and decides he wants to fight for his baby? Are you prepared for that? I know if I were a guy and had a baby out there and the mom never let me know she was pregnant, I would be very upset and I would fight for custody of said child.

  6. Hey! I dated Ryan James for a couple
    Of months and that’s exactly where he lived when we met. PM me OP if you’d like.

  7. Doris Heck Doris Heck says:

    I really hope you find him & that your baby is okay.

  8. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    Hope you find for your babies sake goodluck


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