Looking for Help this Holiday Season

Hello, I am looking for some help this Christmas season. My boyfriend and I have 2 girls, ages 5 & 7. We are just having a touch time, he was off work for a little while and I only work part time.

Many bills have piled up and we are just struggling to make ends meet right now, and with Christmas a little over a week away, I am still trying to make it a good Christmas for the girls.

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I am wondering if there are any people that could help us out with anything for Christmas? I thought about posting for a long time before actually having the nerve to publicly ask for help.

Many thanks in advance 🙂

Merry Christmas


(Submitted on December 17th at 12:05am)



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4 Responses

  1. At your kids’ ages they’re still into quantity. Take $30 and go to the dollar store and buy some huge stockings. Fill them up with chocolate and toys and puzzles and lip balm, and hair stuff, board games, etc…. Wrap every gift in the sock. They won’t remember their gifts 2 weeks after Xmas. I did this when my kids were small. Make memories, write to Santa, hide the elf. They’ll remember this so much more than the gifts.

  2. If you have cut off notices, the Salvation Army can help.

    People will want their homes cleaned before Xmas. Offer to do it. Have your Bf shovel snow for extra money.

  3. Someone posted last week that if you visit Santa’s Anonymous in the old Bonnie Doon Target location, during the day, it’s not too late to get assistance.
    Might be worth a shot.
    Merry Christmas to you. 🙂


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