Looking for 3/4 Bedroom House for Rent by Private Owner in Edmonton

I’m looking for a place to move into but having a hard time finding a reasonable priced 3-4 bedroom house with private owner renting. I’m a Single Father with 3 kids ages 8 (girl) 6&3 ( boys). At the time being we are living in a hotel room and it’s very crowded…Don’t want to rent from property management companies…there all crappy and expensive. If Anyone knows of good people with property at reasonable prices let me know! Ty!

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12 Responses

  1. Darlene says:

    I am too looking for a place, wondering if maybe if we look together we can share a place, i’m single and a professional I work at the Edmonton Sun, and recently my boyfriend dumped me and i cannot afford the apt we have, so I thought maybe a shared place with someone, would be okay, I do have 2 cats tho, just a thought, if you want to meet I would be willing. my email is

  2. I’m in the same predicament. Pls share if u have too many options 🙂

  3. Darlene Lent Darlene Lent says:

    I’m willing to do a Shared Place if you are interested email me, my boyfriend dumped me and I need a place to live, where I live I cann

  4. Darlene Lent Darlene Lent says:

    Ooops I can’t afford to live alone.

  5. Darlene Lent Darlene Lent says:

    Find me on face book and I’ll message privately don’t want to post my email on site

  6. Edmonton & area rental listing it’s on fb

  7. Mary Beaver Mary Beaver says:

    i thought you didnt post people looking for rentals..

  8. or


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