Looking for ideas for a fun afternoon!


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12 Responses

  1. my daughter and a few of her friends did an escape room they really liked it. I am going to be going to one soon and I cannot wait,. its not expensive at all about 25-30 for everyone as a group.

  2. Laura Brown Laura Brown says:

    Apparently there’s a ski hill in town that has a new “park” with like rappelling and zip lining type activities

  3. Jesus stay in bed, order out Netflix, block calls, lube

  4. Depending on your financial willingness and openness to try new thing, go skydiving. Amazing experience.

  5. fort edmonton park, aerial park, wem, art gallery, escape rooms, rec room, party it up on whyte lol

  6. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    For dinner I would call skip the dishes .. walk down by the river talk blanket and wine … stop by the park … relax the sun ….

  7. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    At work! Your a fkn adult ffs

  8. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    The mutart. Maybe take a trip out of the city if you can and go check out something like the devonian gardens or Ukrainian village or the dinosaur park just outside of the city (no I am not talking about drumheller) there is that cool new display at drumheller though.


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