Looking for reviews for Academy of Learning

I’m looking to take the community service and addictions worker program at academy of learning.

Any reviews would be helpful, especially if you went there before.


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16 Responses

  1. Tam L Dack Tam L Dack says:

    don’t do it run fast then faster .. most courses aren’t recognized or outdated

  2. Try Nichi institute. They are on Facebook. Nechi Institute 1974.

  3. Biggest mistake of my life and now I get to pay for it for years.

    I graduated with honours, and was one of the top girls in my class. I graduated over 2 years ago and got ONE interview. My best friend from the course who was also top of our class wasn’t able to get a job either and we’re both in different fields.

    The school is a joke. Halfway through my year, they replaced our teacher with a woman who had just graduated the course 4 months earlier. Who had no teaching experience. Who told us she had to retake a course because you have to get honours in each class to be a teacher and she didn’t get it. Which course? The one that was the hardest in our class. The one that I got 96 on, and my friend got 98 on. It’s a fucking joke.

  4. Teri Sherry Teri Sherry says:

    Try a legit college. Norquest or MacEwan U. Social Work program offers addiction support programming.

  5. It’s not an accredited school. Not worth it!

  6. Don’t do it. It’s not recognized and they just take your money

  7. Dont take it, its useless. Take social work at grant mac.

  8. Go to Grant McEwan. Don’t waste your time taking those other courses they will get you nowhere. Take Social Work.

  9. DON’T DO IT!! You’ll regret it forever! I owe 20k in student loans, only to be working the same job that I had before I obtained my “education”…

  10. Don’t do it!!! I went it’s not worth it. Grant Mac is way way way better!!!


  12. I went there big waste of time. Don’t bother go to a real school


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