Looking for Suggestions for Financial Advise for Bad Credit

Hello, so when I was younger, 19-23, I had credit cards and was doing ok with them until I moved away for college and couldn’t keep up with all the payments.

So fast forward 11 years, I do have bad credit, and even a few of the creditors are still contacting me about these bills that obviously after 11 years I haven’t tried to pay. And I’m not here to hear any of you tell me to pay my bills, be more responsible, blah blah blah, yeah, not everyone is perfect like you are. I just want some suggestions from real people who don’t judge about where to go to get financial advise and help to fix my problem. Yes, I did google, but sometimes a person wants other people’s opinion and advise.

I do want to try and work to making my credit score better without filing bankruptcy, so please if you know of a good place and what the process is, approximate fees, or any other information, that would be greatly appreciated.

Any rude comments just keep to yourself. Thank you.



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  1. Definitely check you bank to see if you can set up an appointment with their in house advisors. There’s no cost and they can tell you tons on options to consider.

  2. James Musat James Musat says:

    Credit counseling society. They are great. They will tell you which bills should be paid, which bills have exceeded statute laws. Then they will arrange to have them paid at easy payments with little to no interest.

    • i 100% agree with credit counselling, they are there to help you get out of debt. They may be able to help you with consolidating your debt aswell, ultimately you will have to pay it off in order to start rebuilding. The first step is knowing you how to do it, once you know the steps you can work one step at a time to fix your credit. good luck to you!

  3. Marc Cornies Marc Cornies says:

    Have you learned how to pay your bills on time yet? If not, then bankruptcy. If you have, then debt Consolidation is your best bet. Even that will screw your credit score though. Either way it’s going to take a long time to get the credit you want.

  4. Tessa Shauer Tessa Shauer says:

    First thing, go to Equifax or TransUnion and get your credit report. There is a lot of information on there. Many of your debts are old and should not be on your credit report. Some things stay on nearly forever like student loans.

    Whatever debt shows up on your credit report will affect your credit. Worry about paying those.

    To repair your credit, make regular payments on something. Credit card, secured card, finance something…..

    every time you submit a credit check for work, renting, applying for credit, etc, all that brings your score down

  5. Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy…make sure you go to a good Bankruptcy place tho.

  6. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    Money Mentors. They are approved to assist with the orderly payment of debts program.

  7. Niki Darlene Niki Darlene says:

    First thing you should do is pull a free credit report from equafax and transunion (I’m not 100% sure on their names) but you can basically print the form and mail it in and wait for your two reports, they are free once a year.

    That will give you a starting point to see what is getting reported against you and any “marks” on your credit history.

    You say you don’t want to pay your debt, but unfortunately that is how you start building your credit. Pay off your debt.

    It took me 7 years to pay off two credit cards that were under $5000 total. But when you make a payment plan and keep up with your payments it’s a good mark on your credit score…

    If your looking for a quick fix, it doesn’t exist. It takes time, effort, and responsibility to make a good credit score.

    I wish you luck.

    Took me about 10 years to get a good credit score.


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