Looking for Young Living Essential Oils

A friend introduced me to the Peace and Calming Young Living essential oil.

I know absolutely nothing about where I can buy this other than online from their website, but I’d much prefer a store I can walk into and talk to someone. Anything in the Edmonton area?

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Also willing to check out a comparable mix/oil of a different brand!



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    • Mandi Holden Mandi Holden says:

      Thanks Jacqueline Victoria

      If you’d like information on Youngevity oils, where they come from and how they are made (etc), PM me for more information and I’d be happy to help if I can. There isn’t a store as you are looking for though!

  1. I am a young living distributor and would live to help you out with this. Please give me a shout at

  2. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Apparently there is a store in dwtwn Leduc that sells only Young Living. Call around the health food stores there to find it.

  3. Melange salon and spa in Summerside sells Young Living Oils

  4. Jamie Dunlop Jamie Dunlop says:

    Maripaz Deluna-Rouleau

  5. Kari Dyer Kari Dyer says:

    Tara Caitlin is your go to gal!!

  6. Thanks Jamie Dunlop for suggesting me! Yes, feel free to message me on FB, I would be happy to help you out and answer any questions.

  7. Sounds like MLM but ok

    Go to Sage. Or even Walmart.

    Waaaay cheaper. I got peppermint EO at Walmart for $2

  8. Skip MLM oils. Over-priced and adulterated. If you want to speak to someone about oils, find a certified aromatherapist. Not someone regurgitating false and dangerous information from a website or ‘handbook.’

  9. Koyla botanical is really great, plus they have classes on blending essential oils.

  10. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Polar has a lot of custom blends and are very helpful.

  11. Kim Jeffrey Kim Jeffrey says:

    hi I sell these oils please contact me anytime and I will help you

  12. Ash Love Ley Ash Love Ley says:

    Hey! I would be more than happy to help you out. Tell you everything you need to know. Let me know

  13. I am a Young Living distributor and would love to chat!

  14. Daisy Witherell Déry

  15. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    Or go to any occult store like “Where faeries live” on the south side and buy REAL essential oils and not the fake SHIT young living sells!

  16. Leah Heron Leah Heron says:

    Young Living is an amazing company. Do your research and choose what you think is right for you and your family. Young living believes in seed to seal. No fillers just pure Oil.

  17. Kyia Carreiro is mom still doing this?

  18. Lori Crayston Almberg

  19. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Pm me my neighbour sells essential oils

  20. If you Google pure living enthusiast, it’s a small comoany based out of spruce grove. Amazing ladies, quality oils. Buy almost all my products from them. I get the odd blend from Saje but they’re just so expensive.


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