Lovely Lady at Tim Horton’s on 97st

Wanted to say thank you to the lovely lady at the Tim Horton’s on 97st and 164ave. I was warming up after traveling all day with my 4month old baby.we had spent many times walking and we were freezing and hungry. In the middle of making her a warm bottle (thanks to Tim Horton’s.they were kind to give me hot water to warm her bottle) this lady was adoring my baby. Minutes later she came up and introduced herself.

She told me she noticed I didn’t have a coffee or anything warm to drink and said there is one on the way with a sandwich and donut. I told her she didn’t have to that we were fine and I was here just for her since she the baby. Her order came and there were two complete meals, she insisted I sit with her and enjoy a meal together. We visited for an hour talking about baby, politics and life in general. I did not eat anything today as making appointments and bus connections was my priority so I really appreciated this.

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I also loved her company as its been so long since I have spoken to another adult person about anything since having my baby. So to the lovely lady you know who you are thank you for your lunch offer your time and attention me and baby enjoyed every minute of it. May good karma come your way your a great person.



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24 Responses

  1. Good Story. Glad you Experienced kindness

  2. This literally brought a tear to my eye

  3. Voted the most Heartwarming story of the week! Thanks for sharing your experience OP.!

  4. Adele Hammer Adele Hammer says:

    Great story and glad to hear you meet a great person today

  5. Becky Dyk Becky Dyk says:

    Oh my goodness i teared amazing

  6. Janet Guido Janet Guido says:

    Such a nice and heartwarming story. I wish there were more stories like this. Sometimes its so simple to be nice to others.

  7. Jordan Young Jordan Young says:

    Now i’m like i feel so cold to everyone. It’s time to be kind 🙂

  8. Aja Novic Aja Novic says:

    That’s wonderful! I know it gets lonely sometimes for us mamas its nice to have some adult interaction. And to talk to a complete stranger and have such a positive connection is refreshing

  9. Which lady? I am in that tin hortons nearly daily and they are all so amazing!

  10. Katy Yorke Katy Yorke says:


  11. TJ Smith TJ Smith says:

    Ashlee ‘Lauren

  12. Goes to show there are still good people in this messed up world ❤️

  13. Laura Varga Laura Varga says:

    This sounds like something you would do Kathy Sim

  14. This just warms our heart! What a lovely story! <3

  15. Angel in disguise!

  16. Love to hear these stories! ❤

  17. Briar Pashko Briar Pashko says:

    An earth angel for sure……


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