Medical EI

How does medical EI work?

Is the maximum weekly payment the same as regular EI – $543 less taxes?



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  1. I just got off medical ei. It was quick and painless.

  2. Medical leave IE has a max of 15 weeks they will pay you out. The payment is based on your average income for the past certain amount of weeks, you have to fill in a bunch of lines with your pay amounts and they calculate your amount.

    When I went on medical leave, I got $937 and change every two weeks for the full 15 weeks. You tend to get larger amounts because its split over a shorter amount of weeks than normal EI. Keep in mind, if you can go on regular EI it will last longer, after the 15 weeks (which you need a doctor to sign forms for, that costs $75 dollars on average to fill out) they boot you off and you are either shit out of luck, or have to go on CPP disability which is a huge hassle.

    Hope this helped

  3. When I went on medical EI it was only to help pay the immediate bills. Come tax time the government asked me to pay a huge percentage of it back

  4. I know from past experience it’s basically useless if you have a long term medical issue. I only got 15 weeks coverage when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery, and 17 chemo treatments spaced 3 weeks apart. ummm, do the math, that’s a year at least off work. plus recovery time cuz it takes a long time to flush that shitty poison from your system. I really couldn’t work for a year and a half, way longer than 15 weeks. almost went bankrupt.

  5. plus you gotta jump thru their hoops to get it even when you are so sick you can’t even get out of bed for literally days.


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