Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Thank you to the gentleman that walked up to me tonight outside characters restaurant downtown and handed me $20 wishing me a merry Christmas. I was taken off guard and was unsure of what to do since I was just coming out of a Christmas party dressed in formal. I thought surely there are many others that can use this instead of me. Initially I was handed &$40 but I refused, with insistence he handed me a $20 and again wished me a Merry Christmas as he swiftly walked away.

I seriously thought I was on YouTube. If you’re out there reading this I just want to let you know that I took your $20 and drove to the hope mission looking for someone I can pay it forward to. Since it was 11pm no one was out but I will be sure to use all of it towards charity or to help others less fortunate than myself. Merry Christmas!



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  1. I handed a lady on 118 Ave a $20 and wished her a Merry Christmas and now I have a court date in February.

  2. That is so random, especially if you were dressed up! But still, cool and good deed made better by you paying it forward to someone who will need it more than you.
    Merry Christmas, OP

  3. I enjoyed seeing this. Know why?! The person who was giving didn’t judge that just because she was dressed up didn’t mean she didn’t need it. What a kind gesture and even better that it will be gifted elsewhere!!


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