Mittleschmerz Pain

Does anyone else experience Mittleschmerz? Painful ovulation?

I’ve had it on and off for a few years but the last occurrence had me in my doctor’s office, unable to walk, doubled over, sweating and convinced I needed an ER.

I could feel it in my back, my feet, my hips, my abdomen. The pain was intense.

Does any one else experience this? Any tips, ways to manage it? Tylenol and Advil did not help.



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  1. Girl, I can’t even pronounce this

  2. I get it but not that bad. I can tell which side I ovulate on, there is tenderness but not doubling over pain. I have never taken Advil for it.
    Go to your doctor to confirm that’s what you actually have. Good luck 🙂

  3. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    I used to have that but now I know when it happens I need to take iodine and proper doses of Vit D – 5000 IU min!! 95% of MD’s can never figure it out. Go see a good ND, one who uses kinesiology, biotron or a vega to find the right products for your body.

  4. I get it, but not severe enough to need an ER. I would recommend seeing a dr, maybe you have undiagnosed endometriosis or something. Generally for me, taking deep breaths, and occasionally advil and or a heating pad helps.

  5. Gina Belle Gina Belle says:

    Perhaps you have PCOS?

  6. I have the same thing, my doctor gave me naproxen. Ask your doctor though

  7. I get this every other month!! I agree with the naproxen for sure! It’s definitely not any fun


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