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Hello everyone,

My daughter would really like to model, she’s been in ads and a commercial but she’s wanting to build her skill set through an agency. She is 11, so it would be more of an after school activity. Where can we go? I’ve heard about Chan International, anyone have first hand experience with them? Price range maybe?

Any useful information would be great!

Thank you for your time 🙂



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  1. Laurie Card Lohouse do you have any input or advice?

  2. Alicia Toore Alicia Toore says:

    Mode models is the best. I used to model with Numa and they were ok as well. I wouldn’t recommend Chan.

  3. Kara Fehr Kara Fehr says:

    I used to go to Chan internationals classes. Great classes and Chan is an amazing woman. Been to actually two of their classes and learned a lot. Definitely worth the money.

  4. I found chan just tried to push expensive classes and never found any jobs for me (i was around the same age as your daughter when i was with them)

  5. Mode models is the best.

  6. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    I was there manu years ago. They do have scholarships for discounted price

  7. Watch out for pedophiles in the biz…

  8. I had 2 dsughters in Chan and would not recommend them. They promise the world but follow through on nothing. They want the money and do the classes but that is as far as it goes. Will not go back here.

  9. I’d recommend going outside of Edmonton to Calgary where they have jobs available in the city. There are no fees upfront only off your earnings. I did that with Montreal when I lived in Ottawa where there was little work before traveling overseas. The agencies in cities without work usually charge for things like test shoots and portfolios and unnecessary classes to keep afloat. And then take at least 10% of your earnings of all work that is outsourced from other cities/agencies on top of those fees. If you are ever expected to pay upfront, understand the agency has little incentive to find you work or belief that you will succeed. Reputable agencies take off your earnings and invest in you.

  10. MrWonderful says:

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  11. Pam Anderson Pam Anderson says:

    Mode models… and if she would like an ongoing career I’d recommend other cities such as calgary or Vancouver depending how serious about this u are

  12. She’s 11. Let her be 11.


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