NAIT’s Vet Tech Program.

I am looking into applying to the NAIT Vet tech program in Sept and am looking for some advice on the required work experience. Has anyone who’s done the program have a vet that will work with someone who has little to no experience? I volunteer at the humane society already, but it says I need a vet clinic.

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5 Responses

  1. Gina Belle Gina Belle says:

    Just drop off a résumé and cover letter that explains you are wanting to volunteer for your required hours for the vet tech program. Drop off at all the vet offices you feel you could potentially work at or do your practicum at.

  2. Just go into any clinic and explain what you are trying to achieve. MOST clinics will welcome you to volunteer in clinic.

  3. Why would they want you working with retired members of our military? That’s weird.

  4. Wendy Lee Wendy Lee says:

    The Humane Society has a volunteer medical help volunteer position. It’s usually posted in the newsletter we get. That could help with some experience.

  5. I did my career investigation at the Tudor glen vet clinic in St. Albert for nait . Maybe try them they were very friendly and helpful


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