Negative Business Review for Kingsway Towing; Not Treating Employees with Respect

Although I hate seeing negative posts and enjoy the positive ones, I must say Kingsway Towing is a horrible company. They will not provide my husband with his final pay or paystubs. He left the company because of the treatment he received there, very unprofessional and very ignorant management. I could go on, but I will just say if you need a tow, please call another company!!!!!!! Happy long weekend everyone😊



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  1. Slandering a company is against the law. Just because there is a misunderstanding doesn’t mean this should be posted. Give labour standards a call and make a complaint.

    • This post has nothing to do about service. It’s not about withholding pay.. but the law states the employer has up to 10 days when employee quits. There’s no factual information in the post to say whos right or wrong just a gf/wife complaining about her significant others pay.

    • Nothing wrong with complaining about crappy service, and you can only withhold pay till the next payday on a quit any longer and it is in violation of labour laws

  2. Tee VC Tee VC says:

    Slander and libel are false or malicious claims that may harm someone’s reputation.

    If it’s true it’s not slander.

  3. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    they need to give him everything on his final pay along with his roe if not contact labor standards and they will get it for him …

  4. I’m with AMA and the sublet over night tows thru kingsway and what a nightmare of an experience. Woke me up a 3 am and asked me to meet him at the drop off location (my company shop) only to get lost so I waited almost an hour for him to show up. He was rough with my truck and he bitched and complained the whole time. It was 5 am before I got home and I worked at 7 am. I got a free tow from AMA but will never let kingsway near any ride of mine again.

  5. Kim Downs Kim Downs says:

    How is complaining about a company against the law? We have every right to warn people if a business is shady

  6. Yes. Call” on the hook”.

  7. Call employment standards. They do have 10 days to provide his stuff because he quit.

  8. Shawn Panas says:

    It is certainly not the practice of Kingsway Towing to hold back any pay or paperwork. If your husband gave notice and his pay was delayed it would have been due to extenuating circumstances, as in he may not have submitted all of his paperwork, he may not have returned company equipment, etc etc. As we have no name to go on I can’t tell you what those circumstances would have been. Kingsway Towing abides by Alberta Labour Standards. Ken Bach, the general manager, welcomes all feedback and would be happy to discuss the circumstances if you’d like to give us a call.


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