New Career for the Introverted?

I recently turned 30 and have been laid off from my labor job. I am looking to generally get out of working labor as I have done all my life. I have a university degree in communications, but am by all means an introvert, and do not thrive in a “team environment.”

I need a career that does not place me in a corporate environment, and one that is not overly “social” (for lack of a better word). I’m big and tall and imposing, and perhaps a security position would be fine for me (I have a security licence but haven’t been able to find work). I am also very skilled with computers, but have no formal training.

I would be interested in hearing about other suggested career paths — ones that either require no further schooling, or perhaps short term schooling. Any and all suggestions appreciated.



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  1. Why not use your communications degree and write? Business Proposals, speeches, articles, books etc can be done from home.

  2. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    I have social anxiety and am very introverted. Security is the best job for that. It all depends where they send you. But ask for easy sites. Like sites where something needs to be watched or secured while workers are home sleeping.

  3. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Contact buddy who links ppl together in mentorship . he has a page on fb. Mike Garska

  4. Wow what a helpful comment

  5. Digital marketing and computer stuff is huge! You can work alone and mostly communicate through email
    Good luck

  6. Well, considering that’s the majority of their working adult life.. this comment makes you seem like an idiot.

  7. Sean Matthew Sean Matthew says:

    Actually that would be all his working life. Not many people I know had jobs more than chores before 12. Great job being a twat.

  8. Even an introvert can learn to work in a team environment, many do. Don’t leave your career options limited because of being an introvert, just make sure you have down time alone to rejuvenate after a day at work.

    Anyway, best of luck finding a new career.

  9. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Maybe try a few online career aptitude tests. Or find a trade. You get an apprenticeship then go to school. And work then school.
    And if you are an introvert like me, you might have (social) anxiety. That can be caused by a few things, that you can fix, including liver and kidney damage. This can be from many different things – diet, stress, lack of sleep, OTC meds, alcohol, drugs including prescriptions, heavy metals, viruses, and can even be hereditary. Other things that cause anxiety are deficiencies in A,B, C, D3, and E vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. And can be caused by a copper imbalance too, as well as candida overgrowth.

  10. Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

    Online porn.. You can be one of those cam girls..

  11. Lisa Hoff Lisa Hoff says:

    Talk to someone from Alberta Works. Maybe they can help with career aptitude testing?

  12. Lots of job lay offs lately dont be picky when unemployment rate is high in Canada !!

  13. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    If you have labour experience, you should look into the trades, or something like Power Engineering. Or the financially lower risk option to get yourself going for a while is to get on heavy equipment, trucking, pipeline… etc. then invest your money, get big enough, and have to eventually work no more. You will make more money and eventually live nicer than most people who spent much of their life hunting down their “career” working for someone until they’re too old to anymore. When Alberta was going full tilt the general consensus in the blue collar world was that if you were good at what you did, you make around $100-150K/year- then more through investing or starting a business if you wanted to go up the food chain. Now most are happy to get 60-100.

    That being said the above industries I mentioned usually have some oddballs who don’t get along with each other or most people; as long as you can perform and make the company money, it won’t care. If you don’t like dealing with people then this may work for you, as you don’t deal with as much people compared to a lot of other careers.

    It’s not like the office job world where your success is stringent on trying to make Miss HR Lady the perfect beautiful cover letter, trying to tell her or the other office people only what they want to hear, or trying to mold yourself perfectly into the corporate family where your world revolves around making them happy.

    For myself I am kind of in your shoes, as I like talking to people but I hate dealing with people at work sometimes and just want to be left alone (apart from a close team I get along well with), especially if it involves a false sense of politeness just to please the public or some higher-up over years and years in hopes such person will one day write me a better job title and cheque.

  14. There are many non-team oriented government jobs that would hire with that degree. Anything involving contract administration or review would be a great place to start.
    Transcribing documents is another area to consider.

  15. Karen Mack Karen Mack says:

    security for medical marijuana dispensary….

  16. There are a crap load of security jobs right now so I don’t know why you can’t get one.
    Or become a truck driver or even a courier driver!


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