I am intetested in becoming a paramedic. I know there are different levels and schools. Which is confusing.

What is the reality of getting a job in town after graduation? What are the best courses to take?

Is it worth pursuing, I cant find any job openings posted?



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  1. You have to go to the Alberta College of Paramedics to apply and learn more about the career. It is a very demanding job and very stressful. You can do ride alongs with EMS. Just call and book an appointment.

  2. Dorinda Dawn Dorinda Dawn says:

    It’s very competitive…. there are several schools that offer this course… you start at EMR then get EMT and then finally your EMP…. pay goes up as you move up, you won’t get a job an an ambulance right away ( rare if you do) and although the big cities need more paramedics there is only a limited amount they can hire and have room for …. best bet is to get a job in the industrial area first , it pays more for sure but you see more gruesome accidents as they are industrial ones

  3. First you have to take your EMR. I recommend you do that fast because they are increasing the length of the program and in some institutions they have already increased. You can take it at Nait, PMA, St. John ambulance or ESA. Depending on the delivery(pt/ft) you can complete in as little as 3 weeks. You will then have to write the ACP(Alberta college of paramedics) provincial exam to become licensed. It consists of a written and scenario based tests. Once you pass you will have to cough up about $500 to register your license. That isn’t a one time fee, that is yearly. You will have to do continuing education credits as well to register yearly as well. If that is the level you stop at, there is no in town work and very little advancement.

    If you continue on to do your PCP(formally known as EMT) you need to be ACP registered as a EMR to even apply. I strongly recommend an actual post secondary schooling opposed to private sectors like ESA or PMA. The education at the private sector is better BUT the courses you take at the private academies are not recognized meaning they aren’t transferable. There is a high turn over rate in EMS so always think ahead. The course can be done in 6-12 months depending on practicums. Once passed, you then again will have to pass ACP. To work in town as a PCP is hard as well. Most end up working industrial tho with pay cuts you don’t even make that much more. You will prob be able to get on casual with AHS which means different branches all over AB. Getting on ft Edmonton AHS very challenging. Look into associated and other rural ambulance services and you will have better luck.

    If you decide to continue on as a ACP(advanced care paramedic) it is about two years and it increases your scope of practice dramatically. If you want to work EMS and get the most experience and rewards, do it. You will have no problem finding any work as an ACP because most stop at the PCP level.

    Good luck!

    • Your information is outdated.

    • It’s been 4 years since I’ve been in school. Things seem to constantly be changing, especially in the sense that each academy/school seems to have its own requirements. I’ve heard portage has lost the requirement of even having your EMR before doing EMT and schools are offering a lot more 0-hero fast track programs now.

    • Mandoid Ray Mandoid Ray says:

      Getting a post secondary education is better rather than from private? What???
      NAITs pass rate is 60%. ESA and pma is 80%. They’re tough schools cause they want the best out of their students. And the courses from ESA and pma aren’t recognized? Wow. Outdated it right.

  4. Feel free to pm me. There are some changes happening to the system currently so if you’d like to know give me a shout .

  5. Joanne Hall Joanne Hall says:

    Go to NAIT and find out the requirements.

  6. OP can pm me for accurate up to date information.

  7. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    If you are 17-19 you can come do the ERCP courses at Centre High Campus and get your foot in the door

  8. Mandoid Ray Mandoid Ray says:

    Feel free to pm me.


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