Petition to Keep Father Jim from Sacred Heart Around

So for anyone who’s gone to Sacred Heart church in Edmonton, they’re trying to get rid of Father Jim Holland. it’s not clear why but he is a great man. He has regained trust between the Aboriginal community and the Catholic Church. He is such a great man. For anyone that knows him I was just wanting to spread the petition out. The story was also in the edmonton sun April 30.

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14 Responses

  1. Why do you say he has regained trust ?

    • Residential school abuse

    • Not sure how any aboriginal could ever trust anyone of the catholic religion ever again…

    • Not all of them are rapists. How do you think WE feel seeing the hundreds of dogs abused and left to die on your land! Shot because of over population. Because you are too cheap to neuter or feed them.
      Get over it, he didn’t rape your family. Help your effing dogs.

    • FYI… some of us feel the same way you feel about it. And guess what? We do. There are people on reserve that feed dogs until help can come, help liaison between rescues and band members, or (like me, as I’m in the city) donate money to rescues. Telling rape victims to “get over it” kinda makes you a shitty person. IMO. But have a great day anyway. 🙂

    • Kim Downs Kim Downs says:

      Omg Bri dogs and humans are way different faak haha

    • How is this priest responsible for Residential School Abuse, like what a dumb post. The church yes, the Canadian government yes, not this priest.

    • Father Jim is a great priest,my son and i were both baptised by him.he looked at me and said were gonna havta grab a water hose for you lol.funny guy he is!!

  2. I would love to have our friend father Jim stay at sacred heart but he is tired. He is 72 years old and overdue for his six month sabbatical. Also as a franciscan priest the diocese does not determine where he goes…the franciscan order does.

  3. Alisa Zgurl Alisa Zgurl says:

    I was recently at a funeral where Father Holland spoke. I was born and raised Catholic and have listened to my fair share of priests over the last 35 years. There are TWO that I thought were very special, and he is one of them. He still has a lot of years left and I hope he continues to do what is right for him <3

  4. Father Jim has done amazing things for this church & it’s congregation, which may be extremely difficult for anyone else to maintain, let alone grow. I have had a relationship with him through our family owned funeral home & hope that, should Father Jim wish to continue on there, he would be allowed to.

  5. Lol a good priest? Doubt it.


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