Does anyone know of good psychotherapists/psychiatrists in the city?

My brother seems extremely conscious of everyone around him and feels extremely vulnerable, I did bit of research and it looks like the problem has a name “clinical paranoia”; he does not socialize at all, has anxiety and never hangs out with anyone.

If you have any recommendations of therapists who you have had positive results with, please leave a comment.



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  1. Tina Jarvis Tina Jarvis says:

    Check our 211 they have resources that can help you out

  2. Dr. Horst Mueller is wonderful, your brother would really like him and he really knows his stuff! He stays up to date with all of the new technologies and theories in psychology and applies them well. He was a wonder for me! I’m sorry I don’t have his number any longer, but if you do a Google search I am sure you’ll find him! Good luck!

  3. You can only see a psychiatrist through a referral from your family doctor. The waitlist is approximately 3 to 9 months. I would recommend Dr. Erik Wickman for a psychologist

  4. Walk into u of a psychiatry Dept, see a psychiatrist and psychologist for free within a few hours.

  5. They have walk-in psychiatry at the University of Alberta which may be fastest. If you call the switchboard, they’ll give you the time.

  6. Just so you’re aware (if you aren’t already), a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who handles the medical side of things like prescriptions; they don’t often offer much guidance or counselling. A psychologist is a therapist who usually cannot prescribe/diagnose, but will work out solutions to issues over a lengthier time period. They definitely aren’t interchangeable, and often a person will require both for a wholistic approach. The U of A walk in is a great resource and could hopefully hook him up with the right people… but he also has to want and be open to change.

  7. Ana Neves Ana Neves says:

    The University of Alberta has a wonderful walk in clinic that will assess his needs and pair him with a wonderful team. Both on the counseling and medical side. It’s great to have everyone under one roof, all on the same page. Triage is at 830 and 1230 during the week and covered through ahc

  8. Ali C-f Ali C-f says:

    Perhaps you need a psychologist and I recommend Trish ketch


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