Question About ‘Jasper on Eleven’ Building Managed by Vertica; Any Renters (Current or Prior) that Can Chime in?

I’m interested in renting a place in the Jasper on Eleven building managed by Vertica. So far, it’s the best place I’ve seen suite wise and location wise for the price, for me personally.

Anyone who has lived here, or currently lives in this building. What are some pros and cons? I’m pretty set on renting here, once something becomes available. Thank you!

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4 Responses

  1. If you don’t already live downtown, think about the noise. There’s the bar downstairs. The General hospital down the block. Firetrucks screaming down 100 ave. The motorcycles and suped up cars revving loudly and echoing downtown. I’ve been living downtown here since September and I just can NOT get used to it. Something to think about anyways.

  2. Chanel Brown Chanel Brown says:

    I don’t know about the building, but as Sandi said, if you go to live downtown, be prepared for the noise and light polution that you’ll get. I recently moved from downtown to the west end. I can actually see some stars here, and it’s almost perfectly silent at night. I’m usually up til midnight and I’m the only person in my neighbourhood other than a couple people who is still up. Downtown is constant sirens, flashing lights, head lights, street lamps, neon signs, homeless people on the yingyang, damn sketchy after 11pm, screaming people for no apparent reason, theives, drug dealers, etc. I’m not saying you’ll experience all of that, but I’m willing to bet you’ll experience half of these things in the first year.

  3. Marla Honert Marla Honert says:

    Living downtown is not = to living in a ghetto. I live downtown, and yes, there is a certain amount of traffic noise or the occasional siren, but that is momentary. I used to live in Strathcona and there’s noise there, too. If you need perfect silence at all times, try a more residential area. But to say that it is unbearable or unlivable is unrealistic. Downtown is very definitely livable, and if you like the building, go for it.

  4. Edmonton downtown=ghetto. you better don’t have a car and expect to be trashed, robbed, mugged, peed upon and slide in the human shit…


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