Question in Regards to Returning to Same Tattoo Parlor Even Though Previous Tattoo Artist No Longer Working There

What would you do?

I have a tattoo, of three words, on my inner left forearm. I want to get three matching words on my inner right one, and maybe a small flower next to each word group.
The thing is, the artist that did my tattoo doesn’t work at that place anymore. It’s just words, I have them already printed out so the artist would only have to transfer that on to a stencil, place it and tattoo it.

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What would you do, would you go to the same parlour even though your artist isn’t there or would you try a different place? Thanks



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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d see if that person is working elsewhere.

  2. Grant @ Mommy’s Little Monster Tattoo

  3. Tammy Dayhin Tammy Dayhin says:

    Keltic Tattoo Parlour check them out!

  4. D and m tattooing!!!

  5. Pam Newcombe Pam Newcombe says:

    If your happy with the work that your artist did, and you feel comfortable with them, see where they moved to, otherwise check out some of the other artists profiles and do if the style is similar. Cause even script will look different with different artists, just the way they hold the machine and angles they work at.


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