Where can I donate unopened packages of feminine hygiene products? I have a few unopened packages that I’ve had for a while and don’t want because I’m picky. Don’t wanna use them, don’t wanna waste them. I would much rather give them to somebody in need

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41 Responses

  1. The food bank will take them if they are unopened.

  2. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Homeless shelters

  3. Food bank takes them

  4. Woman’s shelter?

  5. Dana Fry Dana Fry says:

    Food bank bin in any grocery store

  6. The gals in the womans line at Hope would be happen to take em.
    Come on a Wednesday night at 7 and I’ll show you around!

  7. Youth Emergency Shelter on Whyte Ave and 95(?)St.

  8. Tracy Gagnon Tracy Gagnon says:

    Youth emergency shelter will take them as well.

  9. Teenage 1/2 way homes. Abuse shelters.

  10. Nel Anderson Nel Anderson says:

    Youth emergency shelter

  11. Donna Costa Donna Costa says:

    win house, goodwill,salvation army

  12. Boyle Street needs stuff like that.

  13. Jenn Quinn Jenn Quinn says:

    Crystal kids will take them and use them as hygiene packs for the teen girls that drop in. They would really appreciate it!

  14. wowman shelter downton by the salvation army or to them as well.

  15. The Mustard Seed – We urgently need:
    Feminine Hygiene Products
    Moist wipes
    Razors and Shaving Cream
    2 in 1 Shampoo
    Body Wash

  16. Lisa Fedyck Lisa Fedyck says:

    Bissell centre, hope mission

  17. Thank you for donating! There are lots of great suggestions listed!

  18. Laurie Morin Laurie Morin says:

    Bissell Centre

  19. Joann Reive Joann Reive says:

    There’s a place in Beverly called “Building Hope”. They can use them as well as clothing or any other toiletries.

  20. The George Spady Centre . . . . the shelter & detox side

  21. Youth emergency Center

  22. Kim Frost Kim Frost says:

    SMILE – Edmonton

  23. Youth Empowerment Support Services!! Or more commonly known as YESS

  24. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    salvation army , food bank , hope mission , mustard seed , bissell center , YESS , WIN house , there is a plethora of places in edmonton to donate pretty much anything , including food , clothes , bathroom products baby needs , the need isnt just at christmas … bless you for being a positive part or humanity

  25. The Mustard Seed Church for sure!!

  26. Sue Mbocha Sue Mbocha says:

    Women’s shelter


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