Quiet rooms at the library

So I read the recent confession about Clareview library/rec centre and the noise level. After reading some of the comments on there I saw suggestions to use the study rooms. I am not the OP but I have had the same problems at libraries.

So I tried one of those rooms that people claim will help. WRONG! This morning, i listened to a toddler scream right outside the door. Parents did nothing as usual. I could hear other kids screaming in other parts of the library despite being in this room. And although I was off to the side I had to listen to two rude people whispering the whole time on the other side of the room.

Why don’t they go out into the main library to talk? Did they not get the impression that it was supposed to be a reasonably silent room when no one else was talking?

I have also experienced someone checking their voicemail (loud), taking 10 minutes to pop a piece of gum out of a package and chewing it like a cow, and the same girl who was talking to her friend all day then decided to eat an apple so that everyone in the room could hear every bite. guess these people couldn’t have stepped outside of the room for one second to avoid disturbing others.

So if the main library is now, as you say the place for people to talk, socialize, interact, and these rooms are designed for people who need a quiet place to study, why does this still happen? As a society, it’s time to stop making excuses for inconsiderate behaviour and start being more aware of others around us. When the subject initially came up the first thing parents of said kids say is oh go in the study room if you don’t like it. The noise is still a problem.. so now what?


Avoidance is always the solution rather than responsibility and change. It’s always the responsibility of the person affected to change or avoid the undesirable behaviour/action (just stay home then, don’t go there then) rather than the responsibility of the person performing the inappropriate behaviour/action to change it accordingly.

Step up, teach your children how to behave appropriately in public and maybe we wouldn’t have so many rude and entitled adults as well.



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  1. N B Smith N B Smith says:

    Wow! People are very passionate about their libraries!

  2. Libraries are moving more from the traditional stern, silent sanctuaries to community based centres where noise is more acceptable. There are many kids’ programs at these places where children are taught and encouraged to sing, laugh, play. Even the best parents’ children will sometimes be noisy – it doesn’t mean they are undisciplined. Toddlers are just noisy little creatures sometimes. It sounds like you have some noise sensitivities. Maybe a more adult library such as a university library would be better suited for you? Or maybe try headphones or ear plugs? Good luck!

  3. OP I so agree with you.

  4. Sam Tin Wong Sam Tin Wong says:

    Really? Complaining about this? Wow

  5. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    they need the old mean librarians back that SHHHHH you for swallowing to loud..

  6. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    If you want it silent why don’t you just go home ?

  7. Lol. Eating an apple and chewing gum? Really? It sounds like some type of sensory disorder to me if that distracts you from reading or studying.

  8. LuckyMe Chan LuckyMe Chan says:

    There are silent rooms and study rooms. You can also go there for your pure silence, thats where I go to study.

  9. That’s really sad. I was surprised as Fort McMurray has a huge library and when I lived there I went every week and it was always quiet..I loved that place and miss it…

  10. The community sence of library’s is wonderful vs the old stern quiet library’s it keeps with the times they are no longer ment to be quiet places. Ear plugs are inexpensive and the quiet rooms although noise can still be heard offer less distractions and you don’t have to worry about someone sneaking up on you with your earplugs in

  11. I would just pipe up and ask them to be quiet…once. Then the next time I would act on it by going right up to them and confronting them face to face and ask them ‘exactly what is your problem’. Then go to the manager and tell them they better deal with this crap before it gets physical. Problem Solved…!

  12. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    i don’t think it is too much to ask when you go to the library that you are quiet in there .. people are studying for tests .. doing look ups on papers concentrating and so on .. they don’t need someone smacking their gum as they don’t know how to chew gum with their mouth closed…. have you seen the way people chew gum .. smack smack smack … same as hard candy .. smack smack smack … or eating an apple .. want to eat go out side and eat .. should not be bringing food into a library anyways ….as I know when I am studying for a test or something I want it quiet at home .. don’t want someone coming into the kitchen going into the fridge .. running water .. making toast .. its all noise and distracting that is why people go to the library where it is to be QUIET …. fyi my opinion only ..

  13. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    I agree with Sharie, maybe there is something wrong with you that makes you overly sensitive to normal noises. We go to the Clareview Library quite abit with the kids and never found as many problems as you have.

  14. Marie says:

    Haven’t been to a library for some time … However, I AGREE with You OP and with the other posts that support yours.


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