A Rant About People Ranting About ETS Drivers

OK everyone loves to Rant about ETS so here is a challenge if you think you can do better apply for the job and try to do better and change the system. My bet is you won’t do better or won’t even try.

ANOTHER GREAT POST:  Rant About an Edmonton Transit Bus Driver; #130 University at 5:20PM on July 10th


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14 Responses

  1. You don’t know that any one of us could do better – it is quite possible we could, but even if any of us could, what if being a bus driver does not appeal to us, or isn’t our career path choice?

    There are many reasons one would not be that of which they complain about.

    I see where you’re coming from, and I agree they have a fairly emotionally-draining job, but I don’t agree with how you’ve worded it. Just my $0.02!

    With that being said, I only know what I am told & read. I’ve never personally rode on ETS.


  3. The ETS system sucks. The routes are poorly planned and there is not enough bus service and how the city started the LRT in the late 70s and after a few years, left it alone for like three decades and we could have had LRT all over the city by now but we don’t. Despite the poorly planned system, I find the drivers tend to be very good, and it takes a lot of skill to work with routes that have lots of turns with lots of traffic and you need to navigate all that and make it to the bus stop on the minute. I can imagine it’s very tough.

    • Each route is different. But from my understanding there is someone in Edmonton from Toronto redesigning the routes. My question is if they are redesigning the routes are they going to change it over time or just change it all at once? I guess time will tell

    • Graham Scott Graham Scott says:

      Great, some one from Toronto.

    • I used to live in Toronto, and their transit system and routes are way better planned there. The buses run in straight lines rather than looping around everywhere and making what would be a 15 minute bus route into 40 minutes. I think the main flaw with Edmonton’s design is how spread-out the city is (nothing really to do with ETS, but Edmonton actually takes up more space than Toronto despite being 1/4 the population, which is a big part of what makes the transit so difficult) and how buses congengrate at huge transit centres. I think there should be routes that go in straight lines along major roads and go back and forth (such as the 137 and the 23, I love those routes!) and some that are circular in some of the loopy suburbs (like one that goes around Mill Woods road, or in Castle Downs, one that circles around 139ave/121street/162ave/Beaumaris Road, and then goes down 153ave and Castle downs Road back to 139ave.

      It would be tough to design in some areas of Edmonton, but I think we definitely need more routes like the 137 and the 23 that go straight from point A to point B, and runs on weekends and evenings, not just weekdays.

  4. Well my one complaint is some of the drivers are quite rude, which as i know working with the public, something you shouldn’t do. if you get frustrated, look for a new job.

  5. Also I find most ETS drivers come off as friendly and laid back type of people to me.

  6. I won’t apply because I don’t want to be an ETS driver. However, when I make a complaint about an ETS driver texting and driving…Of course I will post it AND report it.
    Why should I apply do to a job THEY choose?!

  7. OK you would have to spend 3 years as an operator before you can change departments ie Route design, scheduling.

  8. Perry Strand Perry Strand says:

    If it’s not your path choice or career choice and you have never done it then let’s just all thank the ETS for their servicel. Pretty sure it’s a shitty job with all the Drunks and Harrassment that happens.

  9. So you’re not allowed to complain about anything unless you’re willing to apply for a job and change it from the inside? I would have way too many jobs.


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