Royal Alex hospital beware

This morning (Jan 25) I had just gotten into my parked car and stared it. While running my car just outside of the Royal Alex hospital on 110 Ave and 102 st in front of the Alberta urology building when two males in their early 30’s approached the front of my car.

I made eye contact and felt something off so I immediately locked my car doors. They both tried to enter car through the passenger side. Please be aware especially when sitting in your car with doors unlocked. My car doors lock once it is starts to drive, but not while sitting idle. Bad area of town and wanted to share.

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2 Responses

  1. Jody Madoche says:

    We need to be able arm ourselves. I’m not a gun person but the way things are going, it’s worth talking about. These guys are desperate for drugs and they will kill you!

    • mcgaled says:

      Guns are NOT the answer…you are more likely to get killed by your own gun… and or someone innocent gets hurt… what this person did was a start… and laying on the horn to bring attention to yourself would also help..


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