Santas anonomys gifts and food

HI, I know of a family in need. I want to help them.

I know they are getting help from Santas Anon but I was wondering what they might not receive that maybe I could get for them?

Thanks in advance.



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  1. What about the gift of companionship? Pick them up and take them to Candy Cane Lane or the lights at the Leg followed up with a hot chocolate at Timmies. Make it a yearly tradition of taking them for pics to see Santa.

    If you want to do it anonymously and depending on how close you are, considering paying this month’s electric bill.

  2. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    you could buy them all of the standards for your average Christmas dinner and then the card they get from Santa’s Anon. for food – they can use for the day to day stuff they will need after (or before) Christmas. How old are the children / sex of kids, etc. Maybe just get them one cool gift each that they would otherwise not get.

  3. If you are wanting to do gifts, something for the parents I am sure would be appreciated since Santa’s anon is about the kids. Or create a family activity for them like microwave popcorn and dvds, or boardgames etc.

  4. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    They will receive some toys and gifts based on age and gender of the child. It’s hit and miss though. They will also receive a gift card and or hamper to buy christmas dinner.

    I’m with Alden, quality time and fun activities! There are a ton of free events in the city over the holidays. A nice gift for each person based on the fact you know them personally is nice.

  5. getting them a family pass to the science center, city of Edmonton (zoo, Muttart, John janzen). could either be a 1 time thing or the year pass.
    Aldens suggestions are great too. There is Festival of Trees at the beginning of Dec as well.


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