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Good Day, I am looking for transportation for my elderly Mom she needs to get out at least twice a week to her appointments during the week.

Myself and my siblings work full time and it is difficult for us to get away during a normal work day.

My question is this we are looking into DATS right now as she is also limited with her mobility and health. I heard that DATS can take quite a long time from point A to point B and am not sure if she can handle it if it is a long trip. I was just wondering if anyone knows of other transportation a person may use for seniors I know of Driving Miss Daisy and are looking at the cost to better determine the feasibility for my mother.

I am asking if you know of any other companies with this service, I seem to have come to a dead end. Thanks in advance for your responses.



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  1. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    I wish you luck..before my mother passed I ran my butt off…she was living off her meager pension. Could get any help from the government programs.

  2. Chelsea Noel Chelsea Noel says:

    Maybe you can hire a personal driver? Or look intona social worker?

  3. Jocelyn Bear Jocelyn Bear says:

    I would be interested! I’m a stay at home Mama but feel free to message me.

  4. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    Driving miss daisy is the best or dats but make sure they get her to the door

  5. If she’s located on the south side & depending on the day of the week I would help drive her. Send me a pm if interested:)

  6. The City website has info on programs providing transportation for seniors with your concerns. Under the “Volunteer Drivers” heading.

  7. I will be her personal driver ! I’m at stay at home mom and am pretty free. Feel free to private message me. I’d be happy to hear from you

  8. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Maybe look into hiring a private driver?

  9. Dats can be fast or slow, depending on the day. And the time of day. Daytimes seems to be quicker, less drop offs while evenings are pretty full. But it’s definitely affordable!

  10. Sharon Wiebe says:

    Please e mail me I have a friend with 34years of experiece working with seniors.I will give you her phone # then and also enclose my phone # Bonita also bakes, cooks and light house work for her clients

  11. Kim Crowder Kim Crowder says:

    DATS is terrible. They don’t care about your schedule and will pick you up or drop you off whenever they feel like it. There is this list on AMA:

    • agreed Dats will drop you off but need an exact time for pic up which is impossible when you are at the Doctor. I stopped using them about 15 years ago and waited for others/family, friends to help me when they have time Very stressful 🙁

    • Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

      I have found DATS to be quite good actually .. if my appt is for 2 pm … I make my pick up time for 245 pm .. and let the office girl know that my DATS time .. for pick up and have not had any problems with that arrangement …

  12. Lift. Drive Happiness. Its for Seniors only. And I believe its 8.00 for so many km.

  13. Marie says:

    If your mother is perhaps attending a social program twice weekly – which gets her out, gets her somewhat mobile and provides some form of social interaction and care – Depending on status of moms health, etc. … plus other factors … Driving Miss Daisy I believe would be your best option vs. DATS (ugghh!)
    Depending on your’ overall unique situation and whether or not she’s been assigned a social-worker for such programming … Speak with the social worker (on moms behalf) on this. SW can be instrumental in aligning your mother’s transportation needs accordingly.
    I don’t have FB (don’t use not want FB) otherwise I’d FB you with additional.

  14. Celeste Nicholson do you have any suggestions! seniors outreach maybe?

  15. Rosa Apple Rosa Apple says:

    You can also call 211 the resource line for more suggestions. They’re very helpful

  16. Dennis Robins always drives people around

  17. Faye Neumann Faye Neumann says:

    There once was a place called seniors helping seniors. Try to Search that…

  18. Katie Pearse Katie Pearse says:

    Rehab & Retreat Senior Care Specialists

  19. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    There’s a company in Sherwood Park called Care For a Ride … google then x

  20. I don’t know the age of your mother, her abilities both physically and emotionally, but please but careful with this.
    Our loved one had an appt for a fairly simple routine. We arranged to transport her via disability van to the U of A. One of our family members always accompanied her. There was essentially someone there who knew her medicsl history etc. This person was also her voice when she was unable to communicate. This person was also there to get her where she needed to go, help her undresd and dress for the appt and prevent falls. Most importantly, the person with her carried the GREEN SLEEVE information.

    This trip for a fairly simple appt, it quickly turned into an emergency as she developed chest pains and breathing problems in an elevator. An ambulance was called to transport her from one area of the U of A to Emerg.

    She was admitted where she did require medical treatment.

    As I said, I don’t know your mothers status. But please consider this, even to something thats supposed simply, like transport to an appt. Depending on her status, issues can arise.

    Its difficult trying to balance a work life with the needs of an aging parent. Unfortunatley its a reality the children of seniors face. Please use caution when arranging transport to and from her appts to make sure all bases are covered for her safety and well being.

  21. What about hiring a companion for her usually a health care aid that does this type of work

  22. Shane Hewko has an amazing business to assist ppl with getting places


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