Several Shoutouts Going Out to – My Neighbours for Helping, to the Person that Helped My Family, and to EPS for Quick Response Time

I want to take a few minutes to make a couple of shout outs.

1. Is to my neighbours who came to my rescue when the fire hydrant next to my place started leaking profusely. Caused a huge puddle right next to my basement wall. Instead of leaving it to leak into my basement, my neighbours stepped in and helped me drain it by shoveling water and using a pump. HURRAY NEIGHBOURS.

2. A huge shoutout to who helped out my family when our minivan was in need of some fixing. They went above and beyond to help.

3. Thank you to EPS for there quick response in tracking down the car of the screaming girl. Even on the little bit of info I had given them. Was not sure what was going on. But a car ripped through my alley with a women screaming someone help meeeee.

Sometimes we need to stop and look at the positives in the world and leave the negatives behind.



5 Responses

  1. Alana Boutin Alana Boutin says:

    Nice to read some positive posts for a change 🙂

  2. Yay for the positive shout outs!!

  3. Cheri Cheri Cheri Cheri says:

    Whoa!! I’m worried about the screaming girl – thanks for reporting that! Sounds like you have awesome neighbours, that’s always a blessing!!

  4. Wow you had some trying times there!
    Sorry to hear but glad to see you got help!
    I too am concerned about the screaming girl.
    Hopefully she is okay 🙁
    Thank you for phoning the police, I would have done the same. Couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.

  5. AND A BIG Shout out to you for calling the EPS about the girl! Some people wouldnt bother! Good job! You deserve a pat on the back too!


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