Sharon driving school ltd

Sharon at Sharon’s driving school ltd was such an awesome experience. I found Sharon’s driving school when I searched for a driving school did learn learn how to drive. I am so happy with my whole experience and passed with no troubles. I had to experience before and was so scared. I felt so calm and she’s such a kind lady and never got mad or upset if I made a mistake. She creates such a calm time forcleaenibg with her gentle nature. Her car was not very big and fun to drive. I liked the size of the car compared to the really big sized cars I’ve seen at other schools. Passed the road test and wasn’t scared for that either after Sharon had me more than ready to do it.

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Sharon’s driving school ltd was a gŕeat decision to use to learn how to drive.

Thank you, Sharon.

I’ll refer friends and family to you.



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  1. Sammie says:

    Sharon’s driving school is an amazing school with instructor that really cares about her students.
    Aced my test. It was simple as pie to pass it
    Sharon made really good squares fir her students to eat at the end of the lessons.
    Had a lot of fun and she’s got a good sense of humour.
    Thanks for the good experience.


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